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What do you think about Quantity v/s Quality?

If you are searching for a photographer who would take tons of photographs, then we are not the right party. Our focus remains on quality, rather than on quantity. We endorse the fact that a few spectacular images with an aesthetic sense are way better that hundreds of photographs. In recent years, we have strived to shoot with substance that has pertained to shooting for lesser number of projects, yet maintaining high standards. We have been immensely enjoying our compact approach and developed a signature style with an exquisite appeal. We always concentrate on spending our energies to make the child comfortable with the shoot.

Pre-shoot discussion – what is it?

In a pre-shoot discussion, we discuss the booking details with the client. If you have any doubts, feel free to clear them by placing your queries. Usually, the discussion is conducted over a phone call and also on WhatsApp. You can visit our office/studio to see a few samples.

I want to go through the feedback of your existing clients. Where can I see them?

Click on this link to read Google Reviews -

Suppose we need additional edited photos or sheets in any of the albums. What is the procedure to get them?

For additional edited photographs, you have to pay Rs 100/- per photo. In case of printing and availing sheets, you need to pay Rs 150/- to Rs 300/-, depending on the specific size and type of album.

What is the purpose of digital photographs?

Digital photographs provide you better quality images. Moreover, you can easily share them on various platforms online. It also ensures no loss of quality even after several years.

What If we lost our pictures / data, Can we get them back?

Yes, you can get them back by paying Rs. 500 via GPay / PayTM / PhonePay / BHIM UPI / Other UPI - 9311656789, We would request you please share the payment screenshot after making the payment, so that we can analyse the data from online backup system. Data will be shared via WeTransfer or SendGB URL on your WhatsApp number within 24 working hours. You are advised to download all the files within 5 days after receiving the URL.

What We Deliver

What is your company’s LOGO policy?

All kinds of edited photographs will bear our logo on one of the four corners, in black or white fonts. Clients don’t have any right to select the LOGO position in this regard. Also, LOGO position can’t be altered once the photos have been edited. However, you can remove logo from edited photographs by paying Rs. 5000 more. Moreover, unedited photos don’t have any LOGO.

What are the image size categories that you deliver?

The image size depends on the subject, essence, purpose, and other factors determining the photo-shoot. For unedited images, in JPEG file format, we provide long edge 2048 pixels, with 300 pixels, where the file size is about 6MB. For edited images, in JPEG file format, the size of the photograph depends on the type of camera that we use. The files in such cases are usually more than 10 MB. It helps you to print a poster without compromising on quality.

What does photo retouching include?

There are specific points included in photo retouching:

  • Color correction
  • Light correction
  • Basic skin retouching
Please note that we don’t entertain requests for:
  • Photo manipulation
  • Background replacements
  • Making changes to the actual physical appearance of the subjects
  • Adding any extra element to the photograph

In case I might be requiring extra prints, can I approach you to get them?

In case you require additional prints, please feel free to contact use and discuss in detail in order to know the exact quote.

How does your company deliver the prints and related products?

The prints are generally picked up by the clients from our office. For courier services, we can book it for you however the charges will be beared by you.

Can I get RAW Camera Files?

Yes, you can avail the RAW Files by paying us Rs. 5000/- extra. Before the photography session you need to inform the photographer about it.

Turn Around Time

Can you give me an idea about the turnaround time of completing the assignment?

Our processing time begins the moment your invoice for the service is closed. It starts from the day you clear the payment in full. After only 24 hours of the photo-shoot session or closure of the invoice (whichever happens later), you will securely receive all the original images as per the deal. After you choose specific images and provide us the photos, we deliver you the edited images within a period of 2 weeks. You can avail a RUSH MY ORDER urgency service that completes your whole order within 10 days. (Please note that prints and photos can’t be included under the RUSH MY ORDER scheme) Some salient points:

  • Prints are readily available within 7 days on your approval
  • Domestic albums are ready within 7 days on your approval
  • International albums may take up to 14 days on your approval
  • Products may take up to 14 days on your approval
Please keep in mind that when you don’t submit any requirements for the images within 90 days, your order will automatically be closed. WeFast Couriers deliver the following products only in Delhi NCR region.
  • Hard copies album
  • Photo-album
  • Photo-frame
  • Posters
(Our services remain closed on Saturday / Sunday)

Payment Terms

What are the modes of payment?

We accept payment via electronic transfers such as GPay, PhonePe, PayTM, RTGS / NEFT / IMPS. We accept cash. We also accept payment through debit / credit cards. (There will be additional 3% bank charge)

When is the service payment due?

The due date for the full payment is on the day of the shoot. If you failed to pay within 48 hours after the photoshoot then extra Rs. 1000 will be as penalty.

Is there any requirement of advance payment?

Our shoots require bookings Rs. 2000 deposit. You can pay the deposit upon submission of booking form. This amount will be adjusted against your package total and it is non-refundable.

Image Copyright

What are the copyright laws for photography?

Indian and international laws give the copyright of the photographs to the creator, not to the buyer. The copyright is functional from the moment of its creation. There are rights that empower the photographers to reproduce the photographs. Without the photographer’s permission, you don’t have any right to copy, distribute, scan, publicly display or create any sort of derivate work of the photograph. Copyright infringements can lead to civil and/or criminal penalties.

How can I buy the copyrights of my photographs?

You have to mention is exclusively on the form when you are filling it. It will let you purchase the copyrights and you will be the sole proprietor of the photographs.

Does this mean that you can use my photos in whatever way you like?

We are in the business of photography for long and we do understand the concerns that you have. We do share photos online for our publicity. If you do not wish, us to use your photographs then you need to buy Copyright by paying Rs. 5000/-

I haven’t bought the copyrights of the photographs. What are the things I can / cannot do?

Without any kind of written permission, you can’t use the photographs for:

  • Advertising
  • Publishing
  • Displaying in any exhibition without the company LOGO
  • Selling the photos to stock sites
  • Selling the photos to magazines or news agencies
  • Altering any photo
  • Manipulating any photo
  • Giving the photo/photos to any NGO
  • Selling the photo to any other business entity
Please note that you don’t have the right to erase, manipulate or crop our company LOGO from the photographs.

About Shoot

How long do you take for the shoot?

The duration shoot has a maximum limit of 2 hours, although it is not a strict rule. There are other factors like type of shoot and customer’s health & mood that determine the duration.

Are there any options for outdoor shoots? What are the locations?

Yes, there are plenty of options for outdoor shoots. South Delhi: Children’s Park Lado Sarai. It can be also done in paid locales like the Garden of Five Sense. Central Delhi: Places like Lodhi Garden or Nehru Park. West Delhi: Pitamupra District Park and Paschim Vihar District Park. Noida: Meghdootam Park in Sector 50 and Mansarovar Garden in Sector 15. Greater Noida: Gurjar Samrat Mihir Bhoj Park. Ghaziabad: The famous Swarn Jayanti Park Indrapuram. Gurugram: Tau Devi Lal Bio-diversity Park Sec 53 and Leisure Valley Park in Sector 29. Faridabad: Town Park in Sector 12. Please note that charges of any paid location are not included in any of the packages that we offer. Those will be paid by the client.

During a photo-shoot, are accessories or props are provided by you?

Yes, we do provide props. If you have any creative idea, feel free to share with us. We may also arrange for unique props as per feasibility.

In outdoor shoots, how can we change our outfits?

Public Washrooms are there in almost every location and you can change your dresses there.

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