Photo Shoot Gallery


Just imagine how immensely elated you will feel, with a mix of sweet nostalgia, when you will flip through the photo album and look at the frames bearing wealth of memories, reflecting your individuality and togetherness with your near and dear ones, emanating an
eternal warmth. We make this possible for you with our world-class photography.

Photographs are fragments of your soul. Capturing moments of togetherness and celebration is one of the most enlightening activities that you can relish. Getting clicked with your near and dear ones, or as a stand-alone model, top quality photography renders happiness and fills your heart with a pure sense of achievement. We, at Dey’s Photography, provide impeccable photoshoot services that specifically take into account your persona, blending it uniquely with the environment, giving it a shape of sweet remembrance. If you wish, you can own a gallery of splendidly taken portrait photos that would essentially emanate your charismatic aura.

If you are a fashion model, then we are the perfect service providers with whom you can freely discuss about developing a highly impressive portfolio. We set strategies and implement creative ideas of clicking models using various kinds of props, if necessary. You can utilize the well-designed portfolio to get top-notch modeling assignments, and celebrated media projects. Our meticulous photography transforms your personality and instills more captivating elements with excellent camera-work supported by optimal exposure, light, angling and other technical factors.


Do you want to be clicked when you are pregnant, cherishing the auspicious experience of maternity from an early stage? We prepare spotless images for you that you can show to your baby when he or she grows up. Our experienced photographers are also skillful in taking sharp images of your newborn baby. The pictures can be taken both indoors and outdoors. The shoot can be organized at your home, at a relative’s house, in hotel premises or in a public garden. The spot is decided on the basis of mutual discussions with the concerned clients.


One of the most sought-after services is photography of couples. You can take a string of photos with your partner or spouse. We take special care to bring out the intangible intimacy in between you both. There are some tender feelings that can be expressed with warmth and in a better manner through photographs. Moreover, the photos remain for several years, to make your reminisce about the romantic moments. Both of you can pose and experiment while being clicked. Trust on us to deliver you perfect photos that speak a thousand words.


What about chronicling a gala event or family functions? Our photographs have numerous years of experience in covering events, dexterously capturing the jubilatory mood of the family members and guests. Whether it is an engagement ceremony, a wedding party or a pre-birthday bash, we consistently produce photographs that are qualitatively superior. It is really funny and satisfying to watch your own cake-smashed photos at a cosy birthday gathering.


We haven’t finished yet! You can rely on us in delivering excellent quality photographs even for corporate events like product launches, seminars and success parties. We treat each and every occasion with expertise, producing images that are sleek, in high resolution and frame-worthy. Out turnover time is the very best in the industry. Moreover, the rates that we offer are quite competitive as per the industry standards.