Newborn Baby Photoshoot Gallery



Capturing that little smile, or a rolling pearly teardrop, or the curling of that soft thumb requires immense expertise. At Deys Photography, we have that experience and skills to chronicle the colorful expressions of your baby. The best time to get your angle clicked is
when the infant is in between 0 to 6 months old.

Infant Shoot (0 - 3 months)

We sincerely deliver you impeccable photography services for newborn baby photoshoot. New parents love their kids and it is our expertise to beautifully chronicle this precious bonding with your infant. The professionalism reflected by our baby photoshoot services have been admired by several clients.

It is wise to plan and implement the newborn shoot session indoor. Your newborn will feel comfortable and give its natural expressions in a comparatively familiar atmosphere. We take care that the photo shoot does not intimidate it.

The age of your baby should be 0 to 3 months during the photography session. The charges for our package are affordable.

Newborn Shoot (3 - 6 months)

We are a team of highly dedicated skillful photographers who diligently plan and implement hassle-free newborn baby photoshoot sessions. Your angelic newborn deserves lots of attention through professional photography and we provide perfect services for newborn shoot.

Are you pondering about the location of the photo shoot? We suggest to plan and execute the session at home so that your baby feels safe. We take special care to behave jovially with your baby, remaining patient for capturing its funny expressions at apt moments.

Don’t worry about the package cost as the prices are competitively set. Our services are the best yet our charges are affordable.

Your baby is an angel with whom you create an eternal bond even before he or she is born. Playing with its tiny fingers, getting enchanted by its pure, mild smile, listening to its illegible sounds make you engrossed and sink in profound happiness. We, a team of talented professional photographers, at Dey’s Photography, provide you world-class services in beautifully chronicling these bejeweled moments of your life, by arranging a comprehensive newborn baby photoshoot. The photography sessions for your infant are designed by experienced experts who have worked with several clients, garnering huge praises.

We are often asked by new or would-be parents that when is the right time to click photographs of babies. After all, capturing the myriad of expressions of a newborn is a challenge and its age is one the determinants for a successful baby photoshoot. We recommend having a photo shoot of your kids when their age is 0 to 3 months. The time is also apt for a 3 to 6 months old baby. We take every bit of care to not make your child feel intimidated in a relatively different environment of a newborn shoot session.

Which is the best place to get your baby clicked? There are several options available in our packages that can be conveniently customized as per specific requirements of the client. But we consider conducting a photography session of your baby indoor, at home. The premises can also be at any of your friends’ or relatives’ houses. Your baby will feel safe in a cozier and familiar atmosphere, giving motley of happy expressions without getting tensed. We will keep no stones unturned to capture the perfect moments that will preserve valuable memories for decades.

We create an aesthetically superior portfolio for your baby that wonderfully thread together those fleeing months that seem like seconds when you cherish them later in a mood of nostalgia. Our services are the best in the industry, nicely tailor-made to suit your needs. We meticulously create a friendly environment for your baby so that it totally feels comfortable during the photoshoot session. We never try to force anything and severely discourage any such act for getting expressions from your baby. Capturing the natural smile or the twinkle from the corner of the eye of your baby is something we specialize on.

Are you wondering about the prices that we ask for our services? You would be relieved to know that the cost you need to bear for an elaborate photo shoot of your baby will not pinch your pockets. It can simply be managed in a budget well within your practical reach. You will be more than satisfied by witnessing the high standard of our services. You also have the flexibility to delicately customize our cheap photography package.

By now, we are hopeful that you have obtained sufficient ideas to consult us in matters of planning and implementing vivid photoshoot of your angelic baby. The positive reviews from our previous clients will further strengthen your decision. We are ready to fuel your happiness through images.