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We all love to capture the most special and cherished moments of our life. Just imagine looking back at the golden moments spent with your dear ones or catching a glimpse of the marvellous destination, you visited last year. And we all know what makes such experiences possible for us!


You have guessed it right. It is the beautiful images or photos that keep us reminding of glorious moments in our lives. And the art of taking such wonderful images is known as photography.


Realizing Photography


Photography is not just the technical procedure of making an image happen. Rather it is the art of capturing human emotions, expressions, and impressions, just the way it is. From freezing the surrealistic beauty of a particular destination to capturing your special moments, photography recreates, rejuvenates, and rediscovers a lost moment of your life.


That is what DeysPhotography believes in. We strive hard towards making every little moment of your life special. Our extensive range of photography services will make sure you never lose any cherished or celebrated the moment of your life.


We know what makes a beautiful picture. And we channelize all our skills and expertise in the right direction to offer that.


Our Photography Services


From travel and wedding to portraits and landscapes, we will shoot every special occasion in your life. Our photography services include:


  • Travel photography: You travel across destinations and we travel with you. We will capture the unique moments spent by in your favourite destination.

  • Wedding: There is nothing grander and bigger than your D-day. We add to the grandeur by capturing your ‘I do’ moments.

  • Nature: If the virgin beauty of nature enthrals you to the tee, we at DeysPhotography will capture it forever.

  • Landscape: Our landscape photography services offer picture-perfect viewing of plush landscapes.

  • Glamour: We also provide expert assistance in professional modelling photo shoots. We possess the expertise of capturing the top models in best angles and frames.

  • Portrait and Wildlife: Those wishing to get portrait-sized images can rely on our services. We will also take a huge interest in wildlife photography projects.


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Meet #TeamDeysPhotography


Shubhannkar Dey

20 years of experience in IT, Web Consultancy & Photography.

Hitesh Sharma.jpg

Hitesh Sharma

6 years of extensive experience in maternity & baby photography. His smile says it all.


Deepankar Dey

14 years of experience in Digital Marketing. Google Certified.


Anil Kumar

4 years of experience in various photography assignments with international exposure.



2 year of experience in various event photography assignments.



1 year of experience in various event photography assignments.


Indu D.

10 years of exposure in ITES companies and now Assistant Director.


Suchandra M.

1 year of extensive experience in client handling and office coordination.



1 year of experience in the field of photoshop editing and designing.



1 year of experience in the field of photoshop editing and designing.