Shubhannkar Dey

Spontaneity makes surreal pictures for Shubhannkar Dey


Passion has the biggest role to play for India-based Photographer, Shubhannkar Dey. From nuptials to fashion to outdoor and events, this sought-after lensman possesses his personal style sense. He discovered his immense love for the passion of photography while working successfully as a consultant and Digital Marketing Trainer. It is the spontaneity which reign supreme in his photographic domains of events, maternity, portfolio, outdoor and fashion that has added clients on his list. To make his passion the ultimate profession, he underwent key courses to get better at the craft. Four plus and counting photos on his social media accounts and otherwise bear testimony of the hard work he inputs.

With the passage of time, Shubhannkar has established his own visual flavour and creative style. The formula is very simple, and that is that he meets people on various platforms and makes them curious characters. There is a generous helping of surreal but clever elements used in the photos and most of them involve natural beings clicked in natural settings. He is still working enthusiastically and tirelessly at his craft, by having a zillion ideas explored, persevering projects from his loving clients and studying works that shall resonate with people.

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